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    Hello. ULLI seems have some content erros popup in p3d 4.4. Not sure about the first 2 but i guess its all from ULLI. [error.0] error=Unable to find model for IAD_PAPI [error.1] error=Unable to find model for dock [error.2] error=Unable to find model for ULLI_RW_Lights Any fix for that please?
  2. Yes, this cam be fixed and was fixed by other devs. JustSim is one of them maybe you can speak to them if unsure. It may have to do with effectHandler implemented. What we users can do is to make sure that "Special Effects" is set to medium distance at least. There are as far i know 2 issues that have different source. One is this Special Effect range in p3d setting and the other is the implementation from the dev.