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  1. Wuffi84

    Afcdad for ILS LFLL Problem !

    ThX a lot too, and yes i got Active-Sky but never did that with ATC Wind Loc !! Big thx for 2nd Tipp(Sometimes you have to do a little trick, even if it costs some reality) ! !
  2. Wuffi84

    Afcdad for ILS LFLL Problem !

    NICE WORK ! Did same ILS flight again and get again 35R by ATC ! ATC gives vectors to intercept 35R right now ! Nice THX ! But the AI Take Off from 17R same Time ! But i think this is RealWeather Problem(Wind) same Bug like in FSX/P3D Ai...
  3. Hi guys, I get instruction for ILS 35R but ATC bring me to 17R i think its an Afcad Problem ! Is there a alternate Afcad maybe ?
  4. Wuffi84

    Cant Deactivte Static @ EDDP !

    Thx u a Lot ! Now its running for me !
  5. I have read the doc and also use staticmover.bat unfortunately without any results! I also tried EDDP_AFCAD.bgl manually into 😄 \ Program Files \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v5 \ SimMarket \ Digital Design-EDDP P3Dv5 \ data \ DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle \ scenery and pushed the other file over and still there are static in the cargo area ( DHL)! I buy EDDP @ simmarket.de and use P3Dv5.1 H1 with AIG Manager (AI), so i need to deactivate the static @ EDDP! Whats wrong?