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  1. jambolero

    LFLL - option folder

    Hi, OK, thanks.
  2. jambolero

    LFLL - option folder

    Hi, thanks for reply. The problem is I have no any installation folder, because scenery was purchased in Orbx central. The central created three folders in Xplane Custom scenery folder: Digital_Design_A_LFLL_Lyon_Roads Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon_Z_Terrain No sign of options folder. In Orbx central can be scenery migrate to library, uninstall, I can also open manual pdf and go into this forum for support. I was searching in main "Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon" folder but no luck. Attaching picture of main scenery folder.
  3. Hi, I got Lyon scenery for Xplane from Orbx store and in manual is line "Customize the scenery to your liking using files from the "options" folder.". Where I can find this folder? Thanks.