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  1. Hello I have your St. Petersburg V2 scenery for FSX installed and all looks amazing. My problem is that after landing or before leaving the gate, after requesting taxi instructions, the reply is not given, and I have to turn on the progressive taxiway option to see the taxi rout to the gate or to the active runway. This was also a problem that occurred at another airport produced by another pay ware scenery provided, the airport was UUEE and they fixed this problem by providing a replacement UUEE_AD.bgl file. I am hoping that this problem can also be fixed at ULLI. All other airports have correctly working taxi instruction both to and from a gate. Thank you for your time in looking into this problem. Kind Regards
  2. charliebravo

    Config Tool problems

    Hello and thank you for your reply, I did delete the config.ini file as suggested, however when trying to run the config tool, it did not start and it created a new config.ini file. I think I must mention that I have installed this scenery to a non-default location to save me disc space on my main hard drive. The scenery is installed and does work within FSX so it might be this that is causing the problem I have added the last entry in my scenery.cfg file to show the location that I have this scenery installed. [Area.442] Title=Domodedovo Intl Local=D:\Added Scenery\Domodedovo Intl Layer=406 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE You continued help is appreciated, but I do understand that it might be the case that I have to change seasons manually, if this is so, could you explain for me how to do this with version 1.1 Thank you
  3. charliebravo

    Config Tool problems

    Hello, After de-instralling version 1.0 of UUDD and installing version 1.1 I am finding I can not get the Config tool to start. FSX is not running as advised but the config tool will not load up to make any changes to season or airport activity. My computer is running on Windows 7 64 bit and all other FSX add-ons are working without a problem. Can you help with this problem? Regards
  4. charliebravo

    List of known issues

    Hello I recently purchased and installed your UUDD scenery for FSX. As the sceen shots show, there is a building on taxiway Mike which should not be there. Is this a known problem? I did also update the scenery Afcad file with the one you provided within this forum. Any help in resolving this matter is much appreciated.