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  1. mannerheim

    P3Dv3 compatible ?

    Seems to project is dead ? I have sent mail to devs and nothing, silence.
  2. mannerheim

    P3Dv3 compatible ?

    Why developer cant update only installer ? Why its a matter where he life now ?
  3. mannerheim

    P3Dv3 compatible ?

    Hi, Little question, when UUDD will be updated to P3Dv3 ? As I know it probably works but I mean compatible installer etc.
  4. mannerheim

    What is the next MDesign project?

    Thanks for explanation. Anyway, each MDesing choise will be good. UUDD is absolutley on TOP. If it will be possible any medium or large RF airport will be great. ULLI project is still alive ?
  5. mannerheim

    What is the next MDesign project?

    Maybe another lovely RF airport like UUWW, then we will have Moscow Team: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo (release in august) and Vnukovo