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  1. Gartro

    Missing buildings at Domodedovo

    I was referring to the Scenery Library accessed through Settings from the FSX Home screen. This is where the scenery products are listed in priority order and there is a box next to each scenery name which has a tick to enable the scenery and the tick can be removed to disenable it. I am assuming that that is what Flightoff27 is also referring to. The four entries (5, 6, 95 and 117) simply read "Domodedovo Intl". Since keeping entry 5 ticked and unticking the other three, Domodedovo has worked perfectly. That being the case, I have decided to leave things as they are and not risk taking the extra step of pressing the Delete Scenery tab to remove those three entries (unless I encounter an additional problem).
  2. Gartro

    Missing buildings at Domodedovo

    The buildings have returned! As I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about Magumba's post #2. I had a look at the FSX Scenery Library and noticed that there were entries for "Domodedovo Intl" in positions 5 and 6. I dis-enabled the one in 6 but the problem remained. I then went further back in the Scenery and found further entries at positions 95 and 117 (I guess 117 was my initial install of v 1.0 and 95 was my first install of v 1.1). I dis-enabled 95 but the buildings were still missing. I then dis-enabled 117 (so that the only entry remaining was 5) and the buildings reappeared, making me very happy. Thanks for your assistance in this matter, everyone. Should I now delete these dis-enabled three entries from the FSX Scenery Library?
  3. Gartro

    Missing buildings at Domodedovo

    Thanks for the prompt responses. Just to confirm Alex's post #5, I don't have freeware UUDD or any other freeware Russian airports (although I was reading an a post yesterday on AirDailyX as to what good freeware Russian airports are available). The only freeware airports I have are some Vidan Design Denmark ones and FTX/Orbx Australian and PNW ones. I had all of these before UUDD v 1.0. Therefore, whatever has happened has been after the uninstall of v 1.0 and the first install of v 1.1. I will look at the other suggestions when I get home from work tonight. I might even try uninstalling v 1.1 and re-installing v 1.0 to see whether that still works okay.
  4. Gartro

    Missing buildings at Domodedovo

    Greetings from Australia. When Domodedovo was first released, I bought it from Simmarket. It worked and I had no problems with it. In about July, when Simmarket told me that v 1.1 had become available, I downloaded and installed that version but did not load or use it until a couple of days ago when I was using my newly purchased Drzewiecki Design's Sheremetyevo which I have in addition to three Aerosoft Russian airports. On loading Domodedovo, everything was there and worked fine except there were no buildings. I thought that I may have incompletely installed v 1.1. Therefore, I uninstalled it and installed it again but there remained the same problem of all the buildings being missing. I then thought that my July download of v 1.1 from Simmarket may have been incomplete. Therefore, I did another uninstall, downloaded the product again from Simmarket and installed it again but the buildings are still missing. I have about 200 payware add-on airports and I can only recall having encountered missing buildings with one other - FS Dream Team's Geneva - and that was what a number of people experienced but it was quickly resolved (I can't remember how that was done). Any suggestion as to what has caused the buildings to go missing in v 1.1 and how I can get them back?