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  1. Wolkenschreck2

    EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 - Taxiway signs hovering in air

    Thanks, Evgeny. BTW I could not resist and have bought Tivat on release day. It is such beautiful scenery and you have outdone yourself. Thank you for the wonderful airport. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Official fix for EDDP Leipzig (P3Dv4), that was sent to me by the developer Evgeny: Put and replace this file in Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimMarket\DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle\scenery Download link https://drive.google.com/open?id=16e45w7VsqUaFUdOQHvH6jBOl3vUTRvSo
  2. Wolkenschreck2

    EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 - Taxiway signs hovering in air

    Evgeny was so kind and sent me a new EDDP_OBJ.bgl that fixed the issue with the hovering taxi signs. He said he will send the update to Simmarket but I guess he forgot about it. He seems not so active in this forum but he replied very fast on my personal message I sent to him. Maybe you give him a shout via PM? @Digital Evgeny, Would it be okay for you if I post the Google Drive link to the replacement file you send me here? Guess there are some users who experience the same problem and would appreciate the fix. Best,' Christoph
  3. HI Jacob, Dynamic lighting in P3D requires two effect files: a dynamic light effect and a related controller file. Some developers just include the light effect file but forget about the controller file. Leipzig does not come with the necessary controller file. As a result, you will not get any dynamic light upon arrival. This can only be fixed with a proper controller file.
  4. Wolkenschreck2

    EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 - Taxiway signs hovering in air

    *bump* Evgeny, will you provide a fix for EDDP Leipzig now after your new release of Salzburg is out? Your new Salzburg for P3Dv4 looks fantastic on the screenshots and I am very much tempted to buy it. But after five months without any response from you on this thread I am reluctant until the issue with the taxisigns in Leipzig is fixed. спасибо, Christoph
  5. Dear Evgeny, let me thank you for doing Leipzig. I bought it yesterday for P3Dv4 and it is such an amazing rendition of the airport. I first tried it at night time doing a cargo run and the lightning left me speechless. In my 18 years of flight simming this has to be one of the most beautiful illuminated airports ever. With this level of detail, textures, colours and of course performance you are in the same league like FlyTampa. During my first flight I spotted a small glitch: The taxiway signs of E7 and E8 at the beginning of the eastern taxiway bridges towards 26R are hovering in the air some feet above the ground. Maybe you can address this small issue in a fix. спасибо, Christoph