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  1. We noticed a small bug with our Leipzig scenery for Prepar3D. The attached file does only add the correct range for the DMEs LLD and LND. It does not change the ILS DME of the runways, which were working fine. Download: AFCAD EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 v5 Nov 2020.zip Additional file for v5 users: Lastly, please install the following fix to C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimMarket\EDDP\DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle\scenery https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fqfRROlNZLRuAjBn1DPqQLIX0JEJMS-o/view?fbclid=IwAR2nR4xKr6eQg69ULrCISEIC2LrzvrEPD-SQk7-tHH_lDlV_1WuAED_ioww
  2. Wolkenschreck2

    LFLL elevation problem

    Good Morning! Are you using Ortho4XP? Lyon is unfortunately not compatible with that tool.
  3. Wolkenschreck2

    Afcdad for ILS LFLL Problem !

    Thanks Wuffi84 and sorry for the inconvenience you had with the scenery before! Yes, AI using both runway ends happens during slower, variable winds. You could use the ATC wind Lock function if you own Active Sky to stop this.
  4. Wolkenschreck2

    Afcdad for ILS LFLL Problem !

    Hi Wuffi84, I assume that you are using default ATC? And just to get it right: ATC clears you for an ILS approach 35R but gives you later vectors to intercept 17R? I do not fully understand what you mean with "ATC bring me to 17R". Runway 17R/35L is closed in the AFCAD for landings and all arriving traffic should be assigned to 17L/35R. Having done the AFCAD that comes with the scenery I had a quick look at it again and could not see anything unusual. Disregard: I found a bug that could mess up runway/approach assignments. Please try the attached AFCAD and let me know if it fixes the problem for you. LFLL_ADEP4_CS.zip
  5. Wolkenschreck2

    Texture glitch LFLL

    Hello! That is a strange error. It looks like a mismatch between two parts of the scenery. Perhaps some position reference got mismatched for the ORBXDirect compile. I'll have a chat with Evgeny about it. Thanks for letting us know. That is how it is supposed to look (Simmarket version):
  6. Wolkenschreck2

    Trees on tarmac at EGGP

    Are you using the offline mode? If yes activate the online mode. Also, delete the Rolling Cache and restart the sim.
  7. Wolkenschreck2

    Cant Deactivte Static @ EDDP !

    Sorry for the inconvenience, Wuffi84. To deactivate the statics just do the following: 1. Delete Static_Antonov_OBJ.bgl and Static_DHL_OBJ.bgl from Prepar3D v5 \ SimMarket \ Digital Design-EDDP P3Dv5 \ data \ DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle \ scenery. 2. Copy EDDP_AFCAD.bgl from Options\Static_OFF to Prepar3D v5 \ SimMarket \ Digital Design-EDDP P3Dv5 \ data \ DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle \ scenery and select yes if asked to replace the existing file.
  8. Wolkenschreck2

    Issue with Lyon LFLL

    No Problem, Bruno. 🙂 V is the problem. Lyon is extensively using PBR features for buildings and ground. Lockheed-Martin introduced PBR as a new feature with the 4.4. service pack. Therefore, you need to update your sim installation. I know it will be a bit of work but it will also make P3D a far more stable platform. Simply redownload P3D from LM to get the latest version.
  9. Wolkenschreck2

    XP11 - Performance issues at LFLL Lyon

    Hi Bernd, This could be related to the grass and the included shadows. Have forwarded your topic to the boss and he kindly asks you to contact him via email to further investigate it.
  10. Wolkenschreck2

    GCTS v2 slopped Taxi

    Hello, Thanks for your nice words. It's great to hear that you are enjoying GCTS. Making the undulating terrain was, frankly speaking, a pain in the back. Lockheed opted for the easiest way to include this feature and it is not as easy to work with it as XPlane or MFS; nor as advanced. What we have to do is basically setting a certain altitude for taxiway points. That structures will then look similar to the default airports (e.g. no custom ground textures, no aerial background). In the next step we needed to hide those default structures with our custom 3D-model of the terrain. The problem is that the sim cannot - by the way the undulating feature is implemented in P3D - merge the custom 3D model with the underlying altitude points. So it's a lot of try and error that the 3D-model will exactly have the same altitude as the underlying taxiway points. What you now see is the best compromise we could find and the slight bouncing at certain points is unfortunately a side effect of the unsatisfying way we have to work with in the P3D environment.
  11. Wolkenschreck2

    No AI traffic

    Which sim version do you use? Which AI provider do you use? Which traffic levels have you set in the sim options? Also, try different day times. Lyon is not too busy during the day. Do you have the file "LFLL_ADEP4_CS.bg" in the "Digital Design LFLL P3Dv(simversion)\scenery" folder?
  12. Wolkenschreck2

    Issue with Lyon LFLL

    Hi David, Have asked the boss (Evgeny) and that is what he is saying about the animated vehicles in the XP11 version: "Yes, but it doesn't work with Vulcan." Hope this helps and feel free to open a new dedicated XPL Lyon thread for any questions. Christoph
  13. Wolkenschreck2

    Issue with Lyon LFLL

    Merci! What version of P3Dv4 do you use? Easiest way to tell: Use the in-sim menu "Help">"About Lockheed Martin Prepar3D" and please post the complete version number with all digits. LFLL does use a lot of PBR features and require the most recent version of v4. Having discusses your problem with Evgeny we think that the version might be the problem. Also, is your scenery complexity at least set to "normal"? And have you ever used any other LFLL scenery / AI traffic file for LFLL before?
  14. Wolkenschreck2

    EGGD elevation issue

    Just as a test: Could you please deactivate ORBX Vector and reload the sim? If you have installed ORBX Vector in the P3D main folder you need to uncheck it in the World>Scenery Library and if you used the ORBX My Library than via the Options>Add-ons menu.
  15. Wolkenschreck2

    Issue with Lyon LFLL

    Salut Bruno! What sim version are you using? And does the entry for the scenery show up at the top in the Scenery Library? Also, please add a screenshot from the airport here if possible. Easiest way to do so is to press "V" in the sim, which will save a screenshot in Pictures/Prepar3D v5 Files.