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  1. gsumner


    Why set up this forum if you are not going to reply and help any customers questions ?
  2. gsumner

    Gate A2 ELLX

    I just installed so the scenery is number one on the list. I've never seen this in other sceneries. Graham
  3. gsumner

    Gate A2 ELLX

    Strange wall on parking slot and vehicles parked on hill. Thanks Graham
  4. gsumner

    Runway edge lights

    Sorry, LEBL Barcelona Graham
  5. gsumner

    Runway edge lights

    Please be aware. Landing on 25R you run over the edge lights from the runway that crosses it. The should be removed. Graham
  6. gsumner

    FSX - LOWI heavey stutters on approach

    Turns out it was an old SODE installation that hadnt been removed 100%. All fixed now. Graham
  7. Hi, Having terrible stutters on approach. I have a high end system and lots of justsim scenery that I have no probllem with. Ive emailled them to see if theres a fix or a known issue, hope they can help. The scenery even stutters when I am on the runway at a standstill. I have already installed the updated verion released today. Graham