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  1. NickyBird

    LOWS V2 for P3Dv5

    I apologise. sode wasn’t activated🤦‍♂️! It’s working perfectly now. sorry to waste your time. kind regards Nick
  2. NickyBird

    LOWS V2 for P3Dv5

    Hello Christoph, The xml file is present. i have also changed the seansons and dates etc and still no grass, moreover ive noticed there is actually no vegitation at all on the airport, trees, bushes, grass. Nick
  3. NickyBird

    LOWS V2 for P3Dv5

    Hi guys. Just regarding LOWS, I havent got 3d grass on and around the airfield. just wondering if you could help me with that. Kind regards. Nick
  4. NickyBird

    LOWS wont install

    Good morning Evgeny. when you say show, do you want me to send you the full path? as for moving the files to a temporary locations and just leaving LOWS in there, unfortunately didn’t work last night when me and Chris tried it. Regards
  5. NickyBird

    LOWS wont install

    Thanks Christoph! yes I bought both just to test to see if it’s the download..maybe I wasn’t downloading everything. So I bought both to test my theory. But they both don’t show in the sim. Simmarket told me to make a log file for the installer but I simply just can’t do it, even in their instructions. It’s just not simple enough for me. and yes only one is in the community folder at one time. i have the Aerosoft DVD version of msfs. If that helps. and that’s also my thread on the orbx forum. I’m just not getting any information from them really. regards Nick
  6. NickyBird

    LOWS wont install

    Hi DD. so I purchased the scenery from SimMarket, it installs, but doesnt show up in the sim, it's completely default. i've tried turning off antivirus, firewall, while downloading and installing. I can see it in content manager, so it shows its there, the directory is correct as it shows up in the community folder also. I even got so impatient that i purchased the scenery from Orbx, to which it is the same outcome. windows is updated, MSFS is updated. i'm now confused to what to do next. regards Nick
  7. NickyBird

    LOWS for P3D v5

    just wanted to start a topic to see if there is any progress on getting LOWS into P3D v5? Kind Regards Nick
  8. Hi DD, I’ve noticed runway and turnoff lights don’t appear at all. Apparently there’s a fix which I’ve added as per the intructions but it doesn’t seem to fix this also. Really confused by all this, I’m new to the pc scene also and I just need some guidance on this issue. Still cant figure out why the castle is still floating and some buildings around it float too, and also the river which is 100m away from the castle is elevated as if it’s in a slope. I’ve played with terrain settings and it’s still not fixing this issue. Ive looked into FTX as I have Olc and LOWS isn’t in the elevation correction tool. I have p3dv4.1. Is this add on compatible for this?