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  1. johntimber

    Crashes with X-Plane

    Hi, Decided to give the free trial a run for 14 days, and I absolutely so far love PE. i completed my first flight, pretty much issue free. Just a minor misunderstanding with Vegas Controller, but he cleared it up, and was very nice, and prompt about it. So I landed, all went good. I try to do my 2nd flight, and as I'm climbing out of KLAS, the sim locks up, stops responding. I had to close it. Today I tried again, descending into LAX, same thing. It seems to happen right after a voice transmission. I had a similar issue when flying online with VATSIM, and using XSquawkbox. Sometimes I would press the PTT and the SIM would just CTD. Anybody have any idea what might be going on, or has experienced this before? I can't do any online flying with voice if I use X-Plane. I can use FSX, and it is not an issue. Considering how much I enjoy online flying, this is eating at me one piece at a time. For More Details:- Motion graphics studio Thanks!