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Taxiways centerline lights

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I have recently installed this great scenery...I am very impressed by the very nice visuals and the very low impact on FPS. I have just one issue: the taxiways centerline green lights are not visible in any taxiway. I am using DX10 with Steve's Fixer which works very well in terms of ground lights with all my other addon airports, so I am not bound to believe it is a DX10 related issue (also because all the blue taxiways lights work very well, as well as all the other apron lightings).

Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance


Best regards



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Hello! Not all taxiways and exits in scenery(like in real airport) have centerline lighting, maybe this is solve?  :smile: You can check this on any exit from rwy 14R/32L, here is the chart:



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Thanks for your answer. This makes me see the issue from a completely new perspective ... :-) .

I have checked again the scenery comparing with the above charts and actually "some" taxiways have got centerline lights...but they have a very low visibility, but I think this is related to DX10.

Thanks anyway...


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