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Prepar3D v3 – Совместимость с аддонами и заявления от разработчиков

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Вышло офиц. обновление AS2016 (6255), понятно что все узнают при запуске.

Но вот что важно и для чего оно затевалось. Теперь если включен объемный туман в P3DV3, нет необходимости выкручивать видимость на 199nm. Раньше это было обязательно, такова функция работы тумана  в P3DV3.  HiFi нашли обходной маневр.  Что это дает? Можно скрутить на эшелоне до уровня ниже 100nm (HiFi рекомендует 80nm), тогда облачность будет как бы выплывать из тумана и не будет видна граница.

Плюс конечно что-то подрихтовали с нагрузкой на процессор и карту из-за, но это не так и не всем будет очевидно.

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Обновился ОРБХ Вектор до версии 1.51...

Скрытый текст

FTX Vector 1.51 available

Hi all,

Next update for Vector is now available through FTXC or via the manual download in your account.

Please read the following to help you with this update.

  1. Vector is a large product with over 78,000 files, therefore that is a lot of file checking FTX Central. You need to be patient and let it scan the files and install. 
  2. If using the full manual download, you may wish to extract the zip files contained within (there's 193 of them) into a temp folder on your desktop and then use the "I already have a backup" option in FTXC3 and point it to that temp folder. This saves FTXC3 extracting these files and I find it to work well personally.
  3. If you are having issues with the download of the update, use the "Clear unfinished Orbx downloads" function and turn off "Use multiple threads for downloads". These options are under Settings in FTXC3. 
  4. Make sure your sim is not running, have seen many support posts where the sim is running when trying to make changes in FXTC3. You will get error messages if the sim is running. Similarly with Anti-Virus software - make sure the sim folder and FTXC3 process are excluded from real-time scanning. 


Fixed an elevated lake at N58.9 W151.9
Fixed an elevated lake at N44.8 W93.2
Added Cape Cod Canal
Added Cape M ay Canal
Added Chesapeak & Delaware Canal
Fixed shorelines along Lake Michigan
Fixed Watermass at N44.5 W91.9
Removed watermass at N44.3 W96.8
Removed and fixed several watermasses around N39.5 W104.8
Removed several island connections at N39.2 W76.4
Added missing part of island at N39.2 W76.3
Added missing reservoir at N40.1 W74.2
Added beaches along the coast at N30.3 W87.3
Added missing islands off Norwalk
Removed wrong, tiny islands at N21.9 W160.2
Removed streams from river mouth at N30.5 W81.5
Removed double bridges at N36.9 W111.4
Fixed watermass at S32.8 W60.1
Added missing reservoirs at N39.7, W1.0
Added beaches along the coast at N35.0 W76.0
Added missing lake at N41.7 E44.9
Added missing reservoir at N52.6 E7.3
Added missing reservoir at N39.5 W104.8
Added missing island at N26.4 W77.2
Fixed watermass at S6.0 E25.7
Fixed corrupt coastline around Cedar Key

New Vector Config version to handle "file exists" errors
Updated Data for Bahamas

  • New, much smoother coastline
  • Added about 1,600 beaches
  • New, smoother waterbodies


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Мужики,установил 10-ю винду. Поставил начисто сим, пытаюсь установить Глобал,а он мне зараза такое пишет))) Куда копать!?





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