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Плагин с августа не обновлялся. Прям такое затишье начало пугать. :) И вот...

Доступна новая версия 0.45 :

New features:

  • Implemented automatic hiding of the default X-Plane 11 tug.
  • Implemented selectable sound and radio output devices.
  • Implemented protection against tipping the aircraft onto its tail.
  • Added AirFrance and SAS liveries for AST-3F.
  • Implemented message variants and added JonFly message variant for US English.
  • Implemented bp/connected dataref for steering lockout.
  • Added Celebi ground services livery for AST-3F.
  • Implemented XP11.10 .acf file format changes.
  • Tow more slowly when the surface conditions are slippery.
  • Implemented hard-idling of throttles while towing/pushing.
  • Added 2 Jamaican audio sets.
  • Added Scandinavian-accented English sound.
  • Added Australian audio set (courtesy of aerosimgaming).


  • Shrunk AST-1X ambient occlusion quad texture mapping so that lower texture resolutions don't lead to surrounding pixels bleeding onto the texture.
  • Added missing ATTR_no_shadow on AP88 and AST-1X ambient occlusion quads.
  • Corrected heading underflow/overflow bug when transitioning north heading.Made pushing when nosewheel is turned faster to more correctly follow the maximum angular velocities.
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Доступна новая версия 0.46 :

New features:

  • New female US English audio set.
  • Added more sensible limitation of side loading when towing, so we don't enter turns too fast.


  • FlightFactor 757v2 throttle block fix.
  • JARDesign A320 low idling value fix.
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как активировать его в игре?

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Для начала скопировать в папку resourses/Plugins потом он автоматически появится в настройках и в вкладке плагинов. Всё работает как надо, маршруты строятся, самолет выводится. Отличный плагин.

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