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EDDP Airport runway lights missing

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Hello everyone,

I bought the Digital Design EDDP Scenery and use it in FSX.

During the night no runway lights are visible.

1. I checked a lot of hints and tips from the internet without success.

2. I try to solve it with reinstallation of SODE + Airport, different SODE versions, all SODE settings are correct set (I checked also the SODE manual).

3. I found a possible problem with SODE (SODE forum) and the light models for FSX (EDDP models are only using P3Dv2 SDK and will not draw in FSX).

Does anyone has the same problem and could support me for solving?

Greets Himmelstraum

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Hello, yes I also  bought this fine product only to find out that I don't  have approach or runway lights.  Taxiways and apron lights are on but no way to fly in there at night.  Very disappointing.  I don't have any idea of how to fix this.  I tried it with disabling the SODE but it made not difference.  Sorry I cannot help you.

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