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Strange performance issue with Basel LFSB

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I have a strange issue with performance in JustSim's Basel scenery and was wondering if anyone had any solutions. I mainly fly PMDG however I have the Q400 and FSL Series (not currently installed). First loading into the scenery on runway 15 after purchase the frames were sitting at 3FPS in the NGXu, tried moving around the airport using GSX and frames jumped to 25-26 on runway 26 and hovered between 26 and 28 at most of the gates. Tried a takeoff from runway 26 in both the PMDG NGXu and 747-8 and frames dropped down to 17 at best and as low as 12 on takeoff, when coming back to land 26 frames were the same as takeoff until I entered the touchdown zone of runway 5 during rollout from 26 when they dropped down the 3FPS I saw when I first loaded in. I have a fairly decent PC and get good frames almost everywhere however this is a new issue for me. i7-9700k @ 5GHz, Asus ROG RTX2060 O6G OC.




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