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OrbX FS2020 LOWS

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I just bought LOWS on OrbX wen site. With this flight plan with arrival RWY15 at LOWS, it seems ILS not work: in Rad nav menu mon MCDU, I verifed ILS15 was displayed.


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Another small problem: when i use oushback helper, I don't see any tractor but I can push my airplane

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Just in case somebody does face the same issue; the question itself was already answered at Facebook:

a) Navaids are the moment a closed environment and can not be changed by developers. LOWS does only use the stock frequencies that come with MFS.

b) The pushback truck is an interesting one. We also saw this during beta. But every feature (service roads, vehicle positions) needed for those objects to work are included, as you will see with the working fuel truck. There are similar complains about stock airports with missing pushback in the official forum. One theory is the lack of a ground communication frequency (i.e. tower only) but there is no definitive answer at the moment. But it's a closely monitored issue by us.

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