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Great scenery and great fps: thank you!

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Hi Alex,


I imagine that you are the developer of UUDD.


I left a 5 star review on SimMarket but wanted to add more here. In the comments I said that I regret to install seasonal textures manually but later I saw on this forum that you are working on something automated. Thanks for that.


I was not especially attracted by Moscow but decided to buy the scenery because it has a good geographical position for a polar flight from Denver (FlightBeam). Yes, that's why I bought this scenery.


Spending more time on it, I find that it has a lot of charm and the surroundings add also a lot of atmosphere. When I'm not on long haul flights I will certainly do some VFR around your airport.


I like the textures. To my eyes it is a mix of photoreal / handdrawn textures. That's a good choice to save fps. I confess that within my scenery collection, yours is probably the one that brings the best fps together with taxi2gate Pointe a Pitre. FlyTampa, FSDT, FlightBeam have nice HD textures etc. but have also significant impact on fps. To be fair they have a lot of buildings.


The price is also fine compared to the quality and fluidity. Money not wasted, contrary to other developers (I won't name) who sell 20+ euros for a low quality scenery with poor performance.


In your future products, please keep high fps. HD textures is not so important, what matters most is the feeling of immersion that can also be achieved with handdrawn or reworked textures.


On the major FS french forum we have a dedicated topic to your scenery and I happily speak very positively for it.


I've never heard of MDesign before. Is this your first scenery?


If you make other sceneries (hopefully in another country) of this quality and performance, and the runway is long enough for my 777 to land, I will buy.





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Thank you for nice words, glad to hear this. I`m not a developer, but somehow related to this project.  :icon_idea:

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Fine, so please pass the word to the developers. Thanks.

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