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  1. Digital


    Ок Андрей, поправлю эти моменты и вышлю вам файлы для теста.))
  2. Digital


    Добрый день, Два вопроса, какая версия P3D? какая версия сцены?
  3. Digital

    EGGP Runway Issue

    Hello Lucas, Please copy this file in scenery folder \\\Digital Design-Liverpool P3Dv5\scenery And check. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HTt__eyYau3gyKEeBM3tqMRPUfcHMI8v?usp=sharing Regards, Evgeny
  4. Digital

    EGGP / EGKK Taxyway lines and lights

    Hello, try to remove scenery_packs.ini, or move the scenery line to the top in the scenery_packs.ini
  5. Hello, Unfortunately, the scenery not compatible with ortho4XP.
  6. Digital

    GCTS & EDDP issues P3D V5.1

    Hello, please update your SODE module to the latest version. https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=9
  7. Digital

    LOWS wont install

    Hello Nick, Please show your folder \\\MSFS\Community\digitaldesign-lows, where located files. And also try to clear the community folder, transfer the files to some temporary folder and leave only LOWS folder. Refards, Evgeny
  8. Hello, The problem is that Prepar3d 4.4 is not always updated correctly, several people with this problem, so some PBR materials are displayed with bugs. You need fully to uninstall client and content, and then install again client and content.
  9. Digital


    What question are you interested?
  10. Digital

    Salzburg - Hohenwerfen Castle

    No, this castle is too far from the airport.
  11. Hello , Check you installed and activate the SODE module. About track light, please show me screenshot this place. Regards, Evgeny
  12. Должен быть при распаковке сцены, бин это запакованный архив.
  13. Digital

    EDDP Airport runway lights missing

    Put this files in ProgramData folder, disk C Fix_fsx.rar