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  1. Wolkenschreck2

    Bad performance @ LOWS (MSFS 2020)

    Thanks for the video Rob! There were some reports about performance issues and most were resulting from too high settings. LOWS is a small airport and the boss tried everything to optimize it. During the beta I had no performance issues with my older hardware (7700K + 1080ti) and high settings. The coming MSFS update coming on 27th July is supposes to significantly improve the sim performance . This will hopefully help a bit.
  2. Wolkenschreck2

    LOWS please add a * star on the map

    Good idea gents! We will keep it in mind for future updates.
  3. Wolkenschreck2


    I forwarded your post to the boss for support, as he speaks Russian. The meaning of some sentences got most likely lost during auto-translation., which makes it hard for me to help you. Yet, even auto-translation should not be responsible for the aggressive and hostile tone you used. A bit less of such an attitude might be helpful when you are reaching out for help 😉
  4. Wolkenschreck2

    LFLL - option folder

    Hi jambolero! Evgeny had forwarded it to ORBX but they are busy. I hope it will be soon available from ORBX Direct. For the meantime, Evgeny has uploaded the the option files for you here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f0dV7Ccmtolihz7uXB0sfJooZ9GBJKqa?usp=sharing
  5. Wolkenschreck2

    LOWS V2 for P3Dv5

    No reason at all for an apology. Glad we could solve it and with the mysteries your PC gave us with the MSFS version, I am just happy that this was an easy one. 😉
  6. Wolkenschreck2

    LOWS V2 for P3Dv5

    Hi Nick! Hope you're doing well? The grass at LOWS is controlled via SODE. Please check if you have "DigitalDesign_LOWS.xml" in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml. Moreover, it does only load during the daytime between March to November. Christoph
  7. Wolkenschreck2

    LFLL - option folder

    Ah, sorry. Now it makes sense. Thought the ORBX version would come with a configurator in Central. I have forwarded the problem to the boss. Let us investigate this please.
  8. Wolkenschreck2

    LFLL - option folder

    HI Jambolero, Thanks for getting Lyon. You should find the options folder in the main installation folder of LFLL.
  9. Wolkenschreck2

    EGGP Runway Issue

    Hi Lucas! First and foremost: Thanks for getting the scenery. Hope we can get fixed it soon so you can enjoy it. We had a similar report and the user said that he does use ORBX Vector. Are you using any ORBX Global / Vector / OLC or Region product?:
  10. Wolkenschreck2

    EDDP: Fix for DME LLD and LND (range added)

    Thanks hotbso! Now I can see the problem and I have to confess that the charts can sometimes be a bit confusing. Will fix it again in the next days.
  11. Wolkenschreck2

    Issue with Lyon LFLL

    Thanks for letting us know, ang958! Hope you enjoy the scenery and take care.
  12. That should of course not happen. We will have a look at this.
  13. We noticed a small bug with our Leipzig scenery for Prepar3D. The attached file does only add the correct range for the DMEs LLD and LND. It does not change the ILS DME of the runways, which were working fine. Download: AFCAD EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 v5 Nov 2020.zip Additional file for v5 users: Lastly, please install the following fix to C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimMarket\EDDP\DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle\scenery https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fqfRROlNZLRuAjBn1DPqQLIX0JEJMS-o/view?fbclid=IwAR2nR4xKr6eQg69ULrCISEIC2LrzvrEPD-SQk7-tHH_lDlV_1WuAED_ioww
  14. Wolkenschreck2

    LFLL elevation problem

    Good Morning! Are you using Ortho4XP? Lyon is unfortunately not compatible with that tool.
  15. Wolkenschreck2

    Afcdad for ILS LFLL Problem !

    Thanks Wuffi84 and sorry for the inconvenience you had with the scenery before! Yes, AI using both runway ends happens during slower, variable winds. You could use the ATC wind Lock function if you own Active Sky to stop this.