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EDDP: Fix for DME LLD and LND (range added)

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We noticed a small bug with our Leipzig scenery for Prepar3D.

The attached file does only add the correct range for the DMEs LLD and LND.

It does not change the ILS DME of the runways, which were working fine.

AFCAD EDDP Leipzig P3Dv4 v5 Nov 2020.zip

Additional file for v5 users:
Lastly, please install the following fix to C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimMarket\EDDP\DigitalDesign_EDDP_Leipzig-Halle\scenery


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The AFCAD contains ILS 10/28 that do no longer exist, I think.

In addition the ILS for 08L/R and 26L/R are flagged as ILS/DME while in real life they don't have a DME.

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Thanks hotbso! Now I can see the problem and I have to confess that the charts can sometimes be a bit confusing. Will fix it again in the next days. 

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